Welcome to the new circuits website!

This website has been developed from the ground up to be mobile friendly for our modern mobile computing lives. The old website was old and outdated style-wise and was powered by a dynamic and very flexible content management system that never really got utilized to it's full extend.

This website is using the following technologies:

We will also be providing regular blog posts on the site so if you're interested in Asynchronous, Event-driven Programming, Component Architectures, Micro-Services, Distributed Computing, Infrastructure, Orchestration and other topics then please subscribe to the new and upcoming blog!

We've also added a way for users to contact us directly through the site. Simply click on the Blue "Help" button that appears in the center on the left-hand side of every page. Alternatively you can visit our Support Portal proudly hosted by our friends at Mojo Helpdesk.

Enjoy the new site!


James Mills


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